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    Pizzigoni Auction falls under the regulations of EU's new data protection regulation (GDPR) and is as Data Controller responsible for the data collected and processed about you as a customer. Personal data may, for the reasons stated below, be shared with other companies within the group or with companies the group cooperates with, such as transportation companies.


      Pizzigoni Auction commits to respecting and protecting your personal data and your personal integrity according to applicable laws, industry regulations and other relevant standards. To give you a better understanding of how we process information about you, we present below our principles for processing of personal data. Collecting and processing of information - purpose and lawful basis Pizzigoni Auction will only process the data needed to fulfill the purpose of the processing. To complete, or enter into, a contract with you as a customer Pizzigoni Auction collects and stores the personal data you provide to us

    • when you submit an object for sale,
    • when you create an account on our website, in order to place a bid or complete a direct purchase,
    • and when other related contracts (such as for valuation services) are to be entered in to The data is processed for us to be able to complete these contracts with you as a customer and may in some cases (such as an object is to be sent using a third-party transportation company) be released to a third party.

        To comply with a legal obligation

        For Pizzigoni Auction to be able to comply with its legal obligation according to "Law about trade with used goods", personal data including your personal identification number or birthdate and verifying information (such as a copy of your identity card) is processed when you submit an object for sale. The personal data and bank account information you give us in connection to the sale of an object is stored in our financial system to be able to pay your proceeds to your bank account after a completed sale. Pizzigoni Auction cooperates with law enforcement agencies in EU, and may release information to relevant authorities if required.

          According to the principle of legitimate interest

          The e-mail address you give us during registration of a user account on our website, alternatively give us as part of your contact information while submitting an object for sale, is used to distribute important information, including changes to our terms and invites to special events, and may be used to verify your identity during future contacts with our customer service department. For statistics and business development reasons, aggregated and pseudonymized information, where birth year (from personal identification number), gender (from personal identification number) and zip code in combination is the most customer specific information that is processed. Information that is given to our customer service department during the handling of a client matter may be stored in order for us to provide you with an improved customer service experience during future matters. Your IP address is stored during logins and bids and is processed in order for us to perform some risk analysis, and to prevent Pizzigoni Auction or the selling customer to be subjected to fraud or fraudulent behavior. We perform camera surveillance of our facilities, and recorded material is processed for the purpose of providing a safe and secure working environment for our staff, protect our customers as well as our and our customers' property. Related to this, recorded material may be processed for the purpose of releasing it to law enforcement authorities, in order to comply with legal obligations. We may store and process your personal data in the course of documenting certain objects' ownership history (the "provenance" of the object), to protect and retain the object's value over time and therefore current and future owners' property.

            According to given consent

            Your e-mail address is only used for distributing newsletters and other direct marketing materials if you've given an explicit consent during the registration process (or later), and you are always able to revoke this consent by following an un-registration link which is included in every sent e-mail. According to this consent other personal data, such as address, is used in order for us to send locally relevant information, as well as your bid, buy and selling history with Pizzigoni Auction, in order for us to send information that we consider especially relevant for you. We send continuous information about ongoing, upcoming and ended biddings according to the settings you provide on My Pages to the e-mail address on file, as well as via text messages to your phone number if you so choose, also according to the principle of consent. You can at any time choose to not receive these notifications by changing these settings under My Pages.

              Security and access to personal data

              Pizzigoni Auction protect your personal data through technical and organizational security measurements. To prevent unauthorized access and to ensure correctness of the information we use encryption of all registry information at rest (databases) as well as during transport (all internet traffic to and from our websites is done over HTTPS). Employees at Pizzigoni Auction have access to personal data to the degree necessary in order to complete their tasks, which varies with roles and responsibilities. The basic principle is that no employee should have access to more information than what is necessary to provide a good service level, and for us to be able to deliver on those contracts and agreements we have entered into with you, and what is needed for us to be able to enter into future agreements. Partners for transportation services have access to the personal data needed in order to deliver according to the entered into agreement. During card payments at Pizzigoni Auction facilities, the card information is encrypted and processed only for authentication, approval and settling of the transaction. No information about credit cards or other payment information is stored or processed by others.

                Storage time limits and removal

                Pizzigoni Auction does not store your personal data for a longer time than what is allowed by law, custom and industry standards, and in order to complete the commitments and agreements we have entered into with you as a customer. Information that you enter as part of your user account at is stored until

              • you ask for the account to be removed, or
              • the account has been inactive for 24 months The automatic removal of user accounts after 24 months of inactivity is preceded by an e-mail one month before this date, with information about what you need to do in order for the account not to be removed.

                  Your rights

                  Pizzigoni Auction always strives for correctness during any processing of data. This includes also the personal data we collect. In case any data proves to be incorrect, correction will be done without delay. Naturally you have the right to access the data about you that we process. You have the right to limit processing of personal data, and to object to specific personal data being processed. In some cases, you have the right to erasure of the personal data about you that we process. You have the right to get your personal data in a machine-readable format, and that the personal data is moved to a different data controller. If you wish to access your personal data or have any other questions regarding our processing of personal data, we ask you to contact us at one of the below contact points. Please note that in the case of rectification and access we must confirm that the person making the request can be identified. Pizzigoni Auction aims to automate this type of identification control, but if an automatic control cannot be performed we will perform the identification control manually and copies of identification documents may be needed to be presented to us.



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